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  • To view the 3-D PDF files, you can either download them and then open them with Acrobat Reader, or you need to make sure that Acrobat Reader is the default PDF viewer.                                                                                                
  • The buttons below marked NX100, NX100D, NX150, NX200, NX300, NX350, NX400, NX600, NX600-II & Flow Simulation are linked to PDF files.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Please:
    • Load only one file at a time into the Acrobat Reader
    • Trust the document if requested
    • Click on "Initialize" if present
    • Click on the widgets and drag the mouse as described to interact with the 3-D PDF file
Interactive Sub-Links
1 MW-APGN 1350 1 MW-APGN 1350
NX30 NX30
NX100 NX100
NX100D NX100D
NX150 NX150
NX30 NX150 - Canopy
NX200 NX150-Cnpy-PDF
NX200 NX200
NX300 NX300
NX300-2 NX300-II
NX350 NX350
NX400 NX400
NX400 NX600
NX600-II NX600-II
APGN-1000D APGN-1000D
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD
Drawing Numbers DWG Numbers
3D Animation Flow Simulation
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